UK Retail Stores

When you think about it, retail is such a small word for something that plays such a big part in our lives.  We shop at various retailers every single week, and perhaps every day on some occasions.  If you go out at lunchtime to buy a sandwich, you will buy it from a retailer specialising in those kinds of goods.  If you want to buy clothing you will visit another kind of retailer altogether.

Retailing can be done in many ways as well.  For instance we’ve all seen those tiny little kiosks on train platforms.  We’ve also wandered around several floors of a single department store in search of what we need.  While the size and scale of the two retailers is very different, there is no doubt they are both reliant on retail for their living.

There are probably more retailers in the UK today than most of us realise.  We usually think of the big name retailers like Tesco retail stores rather than those who survive with a single shop in their local area.  No doubt the following names will be particularly familiar as retailers in different markets.Boots


This is one of the biggest chemists in the UK.  But Boots isn’t just the place you go to when you want to get your prescription filled.  It also stocks many different items in the personal care area.  This gives people the chance to buy everything from shampoo and conditioner through to care items for tired and sore feet.


This is one of the major stores in the UK people descend on when they want to improve their home.  It has a major gardening section with plants, sheds and all the other items you need to help you create a successful garden.  You can also pick up wallpaper, paint and everything you could want for inside the home too.


While the company is from Sweden, the furniture giant has several stores dotted over the UK as well. It positions itself as a retailer offering a day out experience, with plenty of departments and a restaurant on site as well. Split into the marketplace and the showroom, it gives you a chance to see everything in good time.

Marks and Spencer

Commonly abbreviated simply to M&S, Mark & Spencer retail store has many branches all through the UK.  While it focuses largely on clothing and home wares it also has a famous food area that many people view as being filled with top quality produce.

You will no doubt recognise most if not all of the names above.  But of course there are many other well known retailers with successful UK businesses at the moment too. 

The important thing is to help support your local businesses, whether they are well known or not.  Making use of those businesses on our doorstep is fantastic for convenience.