Argos Retail Stores

If you have ever set foot inside an Argos store you will know it is very different from many other stores in the UK.

The concept is what sets it apart.  Most department and general stores have all their goods out on display.  While Argos has a small amount of goods on show, most of its items for sale can be found in its catalogue.  This is available to view and order from as you enter the store.

All you do is enter the code of the item you want on an order form, take it to a till, pay for it and then wait for the item to arrive at the collection point.  This is the first time you will see it.  It sounds unusual but the format has been proven to work for many years now.

The history of Argos

We must look back to the Seventies to see when Argos first came into being.  The store started life in 1973 as the brainchild of the man who came up with Green Shield Stamps.

Canterbury was the location of the first Argos store, so called because that is the location in Greece where the founder, Richard Tompkins, was on holiday when he thought of it.

How many stores do they have?

Argos now has some seven hundred and fifty Retail Stores in the UK..  Some of them are in neighbouring towns, which is handy when you want to find an item to buy.  You can check online to see which store has the item you want, and you can then reserve it at your chosen store to pick up before the following day.

This is provided it is in stock there of course, but it is a handy way of buying from the store.  It also provides a way of finding out where all your local Argos stores are.

Where are their stores located?

Many Argos stores can be found in high streets and town centres across the UK.  In some instances where there is a retail park nearby (such as in the case of Lakeside in Essex for example) you might find two Argos store in situ – one in the retail park and one in the shopping centre.

The Argos way of shopping is very different when compared to other ways of shopping in the UK.  Typically we would expect to see the goods before we buy them, and yet we have no issue with this not being the case at Argos.

The success of this method of selling has led to further expansion in the UK.  This has also been extended to a vast rebranding exercise which began in early 2010.  Over the next few years every single store will be rebranded to provide a new storefront and image for the company.  But the experience and buying process will be the same.