Marks And Spencer Retail Stores

The Marks and Spencer brand is a well known one in Britain.  The familiar dark green colour that points out the nearest store is enough to make us think of trustworthy clothing and delectable food.

But how much do you really know about Marks and Spencer?

The history of Marks and Spencer

The This Retail Store in UK gets its name from the two men who originally founded it over one hundred years ago.  They started off in Leeds and could hardly have known how it would grow to encompass the whole of the UK.

Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer started off with one market stall, before growing their business to several more stalls.  In time stalls turned into stores and their first one was opened ten years after the Marks and Spencer partnership first came into being.

How many stores do they have?

Times have clearly moved on since those first market stall days.  Now it has over six hundred stores in the UK alone, with several hundred more dotted in various locations all over the world.  Don’t be too surprised if you go on holiday somewhere abroad and see that familiar M&S logo we know so well at home!

Where are their stores located?

Most major shopping centres have a branch of Marks and Spencer located somewhere in their midst.  They also have different kinds of stores, much like the Tesco brand but not in the same league as them.

For instance they have what are known as their core stores.  These are the main stores for the brand and while the stock will vary between them they all stock clothing.  They also typically have a food hall to explore.

There are also a number of Home Stores – stocking items specifically for the home.  Aberdeen was the latest location to play host to one of these stores, and the first destination in Scotland to have one too.

You can find other examples of the M&S brand in the UK too.  Some locations have an outlet centre featuring discounted items from the main stores.  Other busier locations – typically London and other similar areas – have food stores which provide an opportunity to pick up lunch items at a reasonable price.

There is no doubt that Marks and Spencer owes a lot to its founders.  But it is also refreshing to see that it has developed markedly over the intervening years.  Can you imagine how things would be if they had stuck to the market stall formula they started with?

It’s good to know they have developed into various sectors of retail too.  Clothing, food, home wares and various other gift items can all be readily found within various stores in their selection.  Whatever you need, you can count on the M&S brand to provide you with true quality on every occasion.  What more could you want?